Tuesday, May 7, 2013

CoKF Career Guidance Day.

As part of the Children of Kibera Foundation mentorship program, we organized a career guidance day for the mentees.The day was aimed towards helping the students plan their personal and learning future goals, make informed decisions about their personal development, education and training.

Guest speakers from different career paths were present so as to provide insight on the variety of professsions and give the scholars a chance to reflect on their ambitions, interests, qualifications and abilities. Some of the speakers who graced the day were; Kethi, a prominent lawyer who is well known for her outstanding performance as the lead counsel for AFRICOG in the Kenya Presidential Election Petition 2013, We also had Hanifa and Sarah who are commercial lawyers, Juliet a professional sculptor, Grace Wajiku a film/content developer, John a communications field officer and many more.  The speakers distinctively represented both the corporate and the creative art scene which made the session extremely interesting because the students were able to 'have a feel' of both worlds.
Esther,a banker addressing the mentees

Some of the key discussion points were; Whether to choose a career that one is passionate about or a career that has a high compensation package,how the parents and guardians influence career choice and the various career challenges faced.

The discussions brought about interesting debates and the speakers went even further to give their personal encounters and experiences. This led to a question and answer session where the participants got a chance to get clarifications on the various issues on career development planning.

The mentees found the session to be very edifying and will be in a better position to make informed choices on the various career pathways they wish to take.

"The career guidance day has opened my eyes to the various realities in the different professions, I am now a step closer to making my decision" 
Sheila-State House Girls School.

CoKF Mentors and Mentees